When Dawn Comes – Six Years with the Wrong Diagnosis

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Image courtesy of Hailey Fagan

Needless to say, the last year has been a challenge.  I’ve had two surgeries, both with months of recovery.  In the midst of this, the angst of my stomach issues continue.  In 2010, the doctor said it’s Gastroparesis.  This past week, I visited a new Gastroenterologist, the first in six years.

Guess what!  I might have been misdiagnosed since the one given is “easy to just conclude without looking at the entire series of  issues involved.”  Whhaaattt?  So, I left the doctor’s office thankful and hopeful.  And then I got into the car and thought,

‘He’s crazy! What about the chronic pain, what about all of the food sensitivities, what about the bloating, or the countless other symptoms?’ 

I am thankful it might be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and frustrated that I’ve spent six years in cycles of agony.  Had I known that I was dealing with a tameable monster (hopefully), versus a big meany with no rhyme or reason, my daily life would have been so different.  That being said, all of it has brought me to this point, and I am once again reminded of my life verse.

So, friends I am about to embark on a new journey.  One that I hope through faith, knowledge, and creativity leads to healing and wholeness in all the Lord has for me.   This comes about just has we complete our new house and I have a fully operational kitchen, once again.  It’s the little things; I tell ya.

Happy Saturday!