The Life Buoy

How does one keep their head above water when it seems life wants to drown you?  In the past few weeks….well let’s just say months, some days I feel as if I’m in the middle of a tsunami.

The waves keep crashing, churning, and swirling all around.  Splashes of “massive fibroid tumors”, an emergent hysterectomy, and building a house in the midst of this with sometimes difficult sub-contractors…I really need to stay afloat.

Trigeminal Neuralgia (a monster) – let’s just make sure we are in the salt water friends, not just a fresh water lake!  This way, as the water gets into your eyes they burn and sting, and the tears of despair flow as husband suffers in his quiet bravery.  There are no words really…

Am I angry, no?  Frustrated, yes!  Tired, yes!  Exhausted even.

A few years ago the idea of a life verse intrigued me.  After much prayer and contemplation, I decided that Romans 8:28 spoke volumes in my life.  I continually claim its peace and truth.  life-raft Rom 828 NKJI put a plea out to my friends and family, asking for prayer and explaining the areas in which I really need help.  Heating a house in the middle of a WI winter can be a challenge, without a furnace.  Thankfully, we have a wood stove and I needed firewood. Husband is unable at the moment to provide this need for our family, so God did.  Thank you, Jesus.

Earlier this week I had to take hubby in for a procedure to hopefully calm the monster…in the middle of a blizzard…with an hour drive each way.  Can I please simply catch a couple of breaths?

Okay, so there are words; powerful, life-shaping words.  “I am praying for you.”  “How can I help?”  “I can lay tile.”  “I am praying for your husband.”  ” I am praying for safe travels.”  “God loves you and He is there with you.”  The blizzard behaved and the road trip was doable.  Praise the Lord.

Yesterday, the Trigeminal Neuralgia decided it was not a fan of the treatment and tortured my husband most of the day.  To be brutally honest, at a time when I should be overcome with joy as we work on finishing our new house and moving,  Gulp.

….and then a post on Facebook reminded me that all things work together for good.  
While I have no idea what that good may be; a buoy of hope, of truth, of words, breaths life into my exhausted being.  Some days the waves are huge and strong.  The only way not to drown in the hardships of this world is with faith and hope. We must choose to appreciate every single breath-giving life buoy the Lord tosses, and never swim alone.