Creativity 001: The Invitation

Life is hard.  Some days it’s overwhelming, or even down-right ugly.  We get bogged down with the enormous realities we face.  One day, we may realize we are lost in the quagmire of the struggle.  Things like chronic illnesses, financial strain, a rough patch in a marriage, the word “cancer,” the loss of a parent, emergency surgeries, or diseases that you know are straight from hell.  These types of circumstances make us question what life is all about.

It is in these times that we must remember in our weakness, He is strong.  I know, it sounds crazy.  What kind of God would allow for such turmoil, put me flat on my back, and then show up and be the strong one?  Any good friend will help when you’re down and out.  Jesus is the best friend we’ll ever have.  What if He was there all along, but I was just too busy with myself to notice?

When we become Christians, we give our lives to Jesus, moment by moment.  It’s about placing our lives in the Lord’s hands.  Just as Christ died on the cross for our sins, He also gave completely of Himself so that each of us could know Him, and know the Father.

So must we.

If we are to find our way through and out of the muck of this life, we must set our hearts on the Lord; trusting in Him, setting ourselves aside.

What if every moment, in this gift of life, were an invitation?


These thoughts and glimpses of beauty are golden, laced with unrealized potential and joy.  Experience His love in a whole new way by allowing these seeds to be planted within your soul.  The ultimate Creator of everything uses all of creation to draw us near to Him.  He even gave us a creative spirit.  Water these seedlings with reverence for our Lord through prayer, praise, and getting creative.

Just as our prayer time with the Lord is personal, so is this.  No one else needs to know why you suddenly picked up the knitting needles, cooked an amazing meal, or started doodling with watercolors and Sharpies.  If you commit it to Him, He will know.  These seeds of beauty will bear fruit in your life and the lives of those around you.

Today, I challenge you to start with a prayer and some doodling, whatever your form of expression may be.  When life is hard, the doodle may not be pretty, and that is okay.  It’s the effort of praise that matters.  Prayer offers an outlet for frustrations, drawing us closer to our Savior.  “Lord, please help me, guide me.”

Just start.

Now open your heart and mind, if even for a moment, to the possibility that His love, His peace, is there for just you.  Allow Him to fill your soul, noticing what He reveals as beautiful to you.  I promise this glimpse of grace and beauty will cause a spark.  A relationship with Jesus will fulfill our purposes beyond what we could ever think or imagine.  The creative spirit is the gift He gives, allowing us to turn the ugliness of life into something beautiful, for His Glory.

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