The First Step is the Hardest – Then Something Awesome Happens #keepingitreal

Some of you know, I decided to make my goal of 2017 public knowledge on Monday.  
Here’s what has happened since I proclaimed my simple hope to the world.

1st – My hip hurt for about a day.   I used essential oils and the heating pad for a night, and it felt better.
2nd – I have more energy – like I feel alive again for the first time in a l.o.n.g. time.
3rd – The trickle of hope has helped me make better choices in the kitchen.  More to come on that. 🙂
4th – I got out and did another lap at the outlet mall today.   Guess what? My hip doesn’t hurt nearly as bad this evening.
5th – I’ve made a new friend with a woman I’ve never met through the blog post and the She Breathes Hope Facebook Group.  She was encouraged to “make the most of her day” after reading a bit of my journey.  That more than anything excites my heart!  To know that God will use something I’m dealing with and encourage others; I am humbled and so thankful.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  I can feel them and can’t thank you enough!  <3

Please, join me on this quest!  There is such strength and supernatural joy when Sisters join forces.

Tomorrow, I hope to have an encouraging printable ready for you, my readers.  It’s not just for those wanting to drop a few pounds and be the healthiest you, that you can be.  It’s about comfort, hope, and encouragement in Jesus, no matter the situation.  Instead of labeling the problem over and over, I hope to speak the Truth more often.

Come on over to the She Breathe Hope Cafe on Facebook.  I look forward to getting to know you and walk this journey together!