St. Patrick’s Day Memories – #oneofHisBeautifulBlessings

With slightly warmer temperatures, I’ve joyfully taken up walking.  After a pretty nasty hip injury flare up in November, I’m thrilled to be able to walk once again.  That being said, so much of my time lately has been updating this site and getting it ready for a new journey.  More to come on that soon.  In the meantime however, I wanted to share #oneofHisBeautifulBlessings from this past week.

DL 3 HBB (C)

DL 2 HBB (c)

On Tuesday my youngest and I found ourselves at Devil’s Lake State Park.  I’ve never hiked the trails here or even really explored the park beyond the beach/lake area, so this was quite the adventure.  We happened to find ourselves along some train tracks.  I wonder if they’re abandoned or what their use is because they run right through the center of the park.  At any rate, they were pretty cool as I’m not one to go hiking along train tracks.

The lake was on our left and the forest with towering cliffs on our right.  As we stepped along the planks and stone, I thought, what a fun way to spend the afternoon.  Today is St. Patrick’s Day, what were we doing last year on this day?

DL Lake 2 HBB(C)

HBB DL Cliffs (C)
DL Tunnel 1 HBB (C)

And then emotion flooded me.  As I stood on the tracks I remembered one year ago to the day – my daughters and myself were on Amtrak on our way home from visiting my Dad.  It would be the last time we would see him not in Hospice care.  I then remembered the phone call I received from him while on the train ride home.  You see, Dad was a proud father and grandpa, and for many years he would treat us to whatever fun we could find when we came to town.

DL Tunnel 2 HBB (C)

This visit was different though, and that was slightly difficult for him, to be okay with us paying his way.  Well, we enjoyed movies, meals, art therapy, simple love, simple joys, and just being together.  As I stood and looked at this track ahead of me, the irony of not knowing what lies around the bend, in my mind I was transported back to that viewing car.

DL Tracks 2 HBB (C)

As you can imagine, the train was loud and quite difficult to get decent cell phone reception on.  Yet, my feet froze on a plank and as I took in the beauty of the moment, of the park, and of spending quality time with my youngest…in my memory I heard his voice through that phone once again.  I’m reminded of the love and the joy I heard unlike any other time in my life.  I believe our purpose was fulfilled…to love him and to share Christ’s love with him.  Dad was Irish and German and I believe God granted me this beautiful memory, this beautiful moment on this day because that is who He is.  A loving God who offers comfort, love, and beautiful memories.

DL 4 HBB (C)

I’ve had so many instances in the last six months that bring me tears, yet also peace.  Thank you Lord.  Grief is hard and just crazy how it ebbs and flows.  Thankfully, it isn’t something I must walk through alone.

DL Tracks 1 HBB (C)