The Spinning of our Faith

Web 1 C
web 03 C

We had quite the beautiful frost and fog this crisp October morning.  As I snapped these shots, I could hear it all melting away…drip…drop…drap….drip.  I even captured some of these beautiful sounding echoes in the image below. Honestly, it was as if we had a waterfall in the backyard.  I currently live near the interstate, so any noise that is not the hum of traffic or jake brakes is refreshing to the soul on the simplest of levels.

frost and dew drops

I am not a fan of spiders, just no.  Outside in their own space and habitat…okay.  This time of year one can’t help but associate spiders with all things scary and spooky.  As I admired these works of art this morning magnified by dew and ice, I started to think how faithfully these little creatures weave their webs.

Web 04 C


Each segment, each strand is deliberate, and he seems to know the exact outcome of his efforts.  So much of our lives are spent not really knowing what’s going to happen next or how it will all work out for us.  After this morning’s quest for beauty, I will never look at a spider web the same again.  Hopefully, I will remember that in the end, the Good Lord will spin a work of art from my life’s journey one strand, one segment at a time. Like ice and dew on the web, His light and love will always reflect truth and joy.

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