Saturday Morning Blessings

{Transferred from His Beautiful Truths}   

As I poured my cup of yum (Highlander Grogg flavored coffee, just sayin’)
this Saturday morning, I heard a thud against the patio door.

From where I was standing I couldn’t see who hit, but it was a familiar sound.
I went to the door looking for feathers.
At first I didn’t see anything.
It was such a loud thud though,
I couldn’t believe the little fella would have flown away already…

…and then there he was
…laying lifeless face down and half buried in the snow on the deck.

With everyone still in bed, my bird lover still catching her zzzz’s,
I grabbed the flip-flop that was sitting by the door,
reached out and scooped the little guy up.

I wasn’t sure he was alive, honestly.
Then I saw his little chest start beating.


The lights were completely out for him, but he was breathing.
I called for my lover of birds and she came running.

 Downy (c)

How ironic that it was just two Saturdays ago when my
husband collapsed at our kitchen counter.

For the next half hour we waited for the ambulance to arrive…
…while he came in and out of consciousness.
Can I say it was the most terrifying half hour of my life.
First call was to 911 and I was still calm,
by the second and third call I was a little upset to say the least.
In no way should it have taken half an hour for help to arrive.

Downy 2 (c)


Here is the Beauty though…
In between the first two 911 calls,
I made the call for a prayer chain to be started…
We were dealing with some pretty frightening circumstances.

As we reached about the 20-25 minute mark of this ordeal,
my girls and I were all alone.

…crying, scared, waiting… and then His peace was there.

The actions of my husband at this point were extremely disconcerting.

The three of us cried out to Jesus for help,

we had nothing else in that moment,
but hope and faith and we cried out…
…and then just like that he was back and completely coherent.

Downy 4(c)


I’m not saying this outcome had anything to do with our actions
other than the fact that we turned to the Lord for help.

It’s what we are called to do.

He so graciously answered.

I now know that it would have been just around the same
time thatthe prayer chain was in full action.
People stopped what they were doing and prayed for him, for us.
The girls and I stopped and prayed for him,
we cried out loud to Jesus for help and He was there.

Matthew 18 twenty (c)


Turns out this wasn’t a serious medical condition but most likely from having the flu.
Thank the Lord!

As a believer in Christ I know He is with us.
When you have the opportunity to experience it the way we did,
I really feel like this little Downy being held so tenderly, so lovingly.

Shadow of Your Wings (c)