#project365 – I’m Taking the Challenge in 2017 plus #thenoticinghour! Join Me!!

It’s a big commitment don’t you think – to take a picture every day for a year, AND share it with the world?  I hear it’s an excellent way to improve your photography skills.  If you’re part of a fun and encouraging group on Facebook and/or Instagram, well then I think this process could be AMAZING.

I would love for you to take the challenge with me, let’s learn and grow together, and most of all let’s share life and joy through our images.  Perfection is not the purpose of this challenge but connecting with other photographers and inspiration is.

At She Breathes Hope the ongoing challenge is #thenoticinghour.  It’s about developing your eye to notice the beauty that stirs your soul and draws you closer to God in reverence.  Encouraging other photographers in their art and quest is key with this challenge.

Please join me on Instagram and in the She Breathes Hope Cafe Facebook Group!  I look forward to connecting with you.

Happy Clicking!

PS – If you miss a day or two or three – it’s okay.  Just capture and share as often as you can, no worries!

If Gru were a bird… do you see the resemblance?