Phototherapy 001: Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain | 14 Day Free Online Workshop Join Us!

Phototherapy for Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain
14 Days of Faith, Renewal, & Hope
March 20, 2017 – April 2, 2017

I love photography! It’s my art of choice, or maybe it’s because some of it comes easily to me.  That being said, I’ve found a rekindled joy of this art form after the passing of my Dad two years ago.  In living with chronic illness or even the basic demands of life, the camera offers glimpses of grace and joy; I would otherwise miss.

Think about it for a minute – you see something, anything and you take a picture of it.  If it’s any good, you keep it.  How else can we instantly freeze in time that which stirs our hearts and speaks to our souls?  Obviously, not all photography is this deep and meaningful.  More times than not, it’s just for fun or to expand knowledge.

I love to combine all three!  Give me some fun, help me learn new and exciting concepts and techniques, and sometimes, with God as my compass, help me see glimpses of glory.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way about photography and faith.

I’m very excited to invite you to my first online Phototherapy Workshop starting March 20, 2017, for 14 days.

**Please note – no advanced photography skills or special camera are required for this workshop.**
(However, you must be able to upload images to Facebook.)  Please also remember that this is not a photo contest.  What’s important is that you take pictures for you, for your growth and enjoyment.  Be careful not to allow comparison to steal your joy.

Supplies Needed:

  • Camera
  • Blank paged journal (recommended but not required)

What the workshop includes:

  • Daily Prompts
  • Bible-based encouragement
  • Fellowship
  • On-going Community
  • Renewal through the art of photography
  • Redirected focus towards empowerment
  • Develop a new and amazing hobby
  • Daily discussion in the Facebook Group

Ladies, come as you are and be ready for fun and renewal through the collection of photos.  Your photos and those from others in the group.  Yes, there is a secret Facebook group where we can share our photographs, our discoveries, and our hearts.

**Due to the sensitive nature of information shared, this group is for woman only.  I  would be happy to help organize a men’s group if requested.