Our Unique Beauty in Christ

Pretty Fence (c)
In life, it seems we’re either dealing with hardships or counting our blessings.  We tend to notice beautiful things when looking at our blessings.  However, what if beauty was more than an observation?   What if it were something we experienced viscerally?  What if, in the difficult times, God uses what we find beautiful as a whisper of grace?

Just as the peaks and valleys are unique to each one of us, so is our relationship with Jesus.  A life lived with Christ is uniquely beautiful.  Asserting such beauty is an amazing journey of self-discovery as we begin to experience who we are in Christ and who Christ is in us.

Claiming this beauty in life is admiring the Divine in our midst.

Six years ago I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis – a paralysis of the stomach. It’s a painful condition that really strives to be all consuming and some days it succeeds.  However, I’m continually learning that I must choose to focus on God and His will for me rather than this affliction.  I’ve decided to call this my awakening to an authentically beautiful life.   Choosing to see the beauty of life is something I strive to focus on and notice every day.

Chita in the mist (c) Lam Three Twenty Two

It’s about seeking and establishing an innermost relationship with our Creator through that which He reveals to us as beautiful.

This awakening does not replace prayer, fellowship, or Bible reading; it encourages it.
How many of us want more of God in our lives?  We love Him and we long for more time with Him.  God is the ultimate creator and we are created in His image.  It is for this reason that I firmly believe each one of us is creative in some way.  Being creative isn’t just about being artsy or crafty.  It’s whatever the Lord has placed on our hearts as interesting and inspiring, which in turn can only deepen our relationship with Him.

Since the diagnosis of Gastroparesis I’ve discovered more about myself through seeking God.  I’ve discovered that in my weakness, He is strong.

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In any relationship, we must grow in communion, understanding, and love. Our relationship with Christ isn’t about what He can do for us.  It’s about what He means to us and who He is in each of us.
It’s authentic.

Butterfly Perspective Matt Twenty Two Thirty Seven

I’m discovering this awakening is a life long adventure, a beautiful gift.  As we continue to seek Him through the beauty in our midst we become even more focused on the beauty of life, on Christ in our life.  See the connection?  They are one and the same, yet not limited to only that which our eyes can see or our minds can understand.  That is the continual gift of Glory… He will always reveal glimpses of Himself to us and in turn grow us in love.

Pink Beauty Matthew Seven Seven

Through the unsolicited encouragement of family and friends, He has sparked my heart with a love of photography and writing.  Never in a million years would I have thought to write anything for publication.  Yet, here we are and it is by His guiding for His glory.

Awakening to beauty, to authenticity, is simply His love spilling over into all areas of our lives.  Often, we like to compartmentalize God without really meaning to.  Allowing the sparks of beauty to ignite our hearts and minds erases these barriers.  When we begin to notice the promises of His glory, this is when our authentic journey truly begins.

A personal relationship with Christ is reserved for each one of us, a beautiful, immeasurable blessing.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  What God places on our hearts to notice, to take as reverence in Him, is the first step in life that’s uniquely ours; gifted to us by the Creator.  How will you awaken to your authentically beautiful life in between the hardships and the blessings?

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