On Writing the Book | Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst

Yesterday, I received the printed proof copy of Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst.  This week, I am working on a few final edits and then it will officially be ready!  It’s taken close to two years with God growing me every step of the way to get to this point.  I think the biggest lesson has been that I could actually do this, you know…write a book.  After all, book writing is for authors.  I have to give credit where credit is due here.  Jeff Goins’ blog really helped me over that threshold.  A friend once told him if he wanted to be a writer, then write.

Until a couple of years ago, the thought of writing much of anything for publication didn’t seem possible.  Honestly, I just didn’t believe that what I had to say really mattered.  That my friends comes from years of subconsciously being made to believe you don’t matter.  I now know God has other plans for me, and I am thankful.  If what’s in the book offers love and encouragement to just one person, then I am more humbled in awe of our Savior.

Without any further ado – below is the description from the back cover of the book.awakening-proof-pic-c












 Do you go through the trials of life still searching for beauty?  Even amidst chronic illness, debilitating pain, and grief, Melanie Fagan insists there is still hope, healing, and peace. “What if I told you the noticing was as meaningful as air; that we’re constantly invited into a deeper communion with our Creator?”

Join Melanie as she takes you on a journey of faith where the Lord led her through some of the hardest circumstances by transforming them into moments grace and beauty.

Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst guides you through ten key steps using story, scripture, and prayer that will spark your creative spirit through Jesus in a solid, Biblical way.  In each step, you may rediscover a calm peacefulness and purpose within your soul; transforming the way in which you cope, and honor the Lord with your life, your struggles, and your gifts.

Take the journey of claiming the Joy of the Lord as your strength through whatever life brings your way.