Intuitive Art – Developing Natural, Creative Skill

Some think intuitive art comes naturally to everyone.  While I believe we were made to honor God with our lives and skills, sometimes I will find myself at the edge of an abyss when it comes to creativity.   Having a few skills (of my choosing), in my “toolbox”, allows me to take those first few steps.

If intuitive art was completely innate, no one would need to develop or practice much of anything, would they?  A watercolor artist would naturally know how to layer color and water for a certain look, with little practice.  The same is true for a potter or an acrylic painter.  Building skill, practicing and discovering things about ourselves we never knew possible, are part of the reason art is so widely appreciated.

Now, I LOVE to take paint to a canvas and just run with it.  Having no idea of the outcome and enjoying the process is great fun and educational.  Here’s the thing though, what if I knew specifics about color combinations or ways to build texture, or how to layer for a desired effect?  Once I know those skill sets, it only adds to my intuitive work by adding additional depth and meaning.  I’m also putting more of myself into the piece because I am using my interpretation of the techniques.

Ok, so now you may be asking where to begin.  Maybe your standing at the edge of your own abyss. Let’s take that step together!  Next week, I am hosting a FREE online workshop dealing in part with this exact topic.  You still have time to join us!