Introducing Tis the Season to Rest | 32 Days of Devotions | Thanksgiving to Christmas

Please Pin It!  Thank you!
Please Pin It! Thank you!

Whether you find this post on Thanksgiving, or on any of the days that follow until Christmas,
you’re just in time.


I am so thankful God has crossed our paths.  If the busyness of the season tends to wear you out in a not-so-good kind of way, or if you just need a quick moment of calm, you’ve found just the right spot.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am posting a daily devotion with scripture and encouragement.  I’ll even have them sent straight to your inbox for ease of access.  Just click on the sign up below.  Oh, if you’re arriving a little late to the party, it’s okay.  All of the devotionals are online in one spot for ease of browsing, as they are posted.