Introducing Seeds of Faith & Color 001

Guys, I’m so excited to share this with you!  As you may know, it’s my passion to help others draw closer to God through faith and creativity.  The possibilities are endless, which is exciting and sometimes overwhelming with all of the options.  It’s my hope with a little color inspiration as well as encouraging scripture you may find it easier to pick up some paint and play.

Why Seeds of Faith and Color?
“I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.”  1 Corinthians 3:6-7

As I develop my intuition and skill, I like to remember that God is at the center of all I do.  I’m more than happy to give Him the glory in all things because then I stay out of His way.  It’s freeing to simply enjoy the process knowing perfection is not required and allow God to grow me in whatever direction is His will.

How to use the Seeds of Faith & Color Inspiration Sets?

  1.  Pick a set based on the appeal of the image itself, the color palette, or the scripture included.
  2. Keep in mind that if you choose your colors, ephemera, and anything else for your design that stays within the hues of the palette, your piece should remain pleasing to the eye.
  3. Tip- if a palette has more of the softer hues and then there is one bolder color, that is a suggestion for contrast.  Use this color in three different areas as to give the eye and brain something to look for.  Use the contrast color to add emphasis to the story you’re telling.  The opposite is also true if the palette has more of the darker hues, a light and bright color will do the same.
  4. Choose the colors from the shades you have for the medium you’re using.  Even mixing your own colors if need be, which is quite fun as well.Use them in your various journals, such as prayer, Bible art, or an all-purpose art journal.  However, the inspiration is not only for journals.  Please use them in your various works of art.Now, I’d love to see them.  Please hashtag on Instagram for a feature share!  #seedsofcolorandfaith and follow me @shebreatheshopeig.  Ok, how do I get them?  How do I download my copy of the current color palettes? 
    Oh, that’s easy, just CLICK HERE to stay in touch with updates from the blog and download your first two sets.  Soon, I’ll have a newsletter but I don’t want to make you wait until I have that all worked out.  😉If you’d like to be a part of the She Breathes Hope Through Faith & Intuitive Art Community, please join us on Facebook, we’d love to meet you!  We share our art, our faith, and encourage one another.  Best of all, it’s a place of beautiful fellowship.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more on breaking a blank page, layers, intuitive art, photography, journaling, and a fun workshop.  Until then my friends, Happy Creating!!