Hysterectomy – Embracing Change and Moving Forward

Sorry, I’ve missed posting here… I really have.  Life got pretty complicated about a month ago with the building of our new home.  Then about 3 weeks ago I became pretty ill and discovered I had a massive fibroid tumor.  Last week, I had a hysterectomy.  This week, I’m reminded why I started this blog and the writing of a book (more to come on that soon) a few months ago.

Dried Flower in November Ecc Three One (c)I walked past this flower daily as I waited for biopsy results, planned a hysterectomy date, and dealt with the emotions of losing my womb.  It’s dead, dry beauty captured my eye and spirit each time I looked at it. I couldn’t help but feel how it looked.  While I have two beautiful daughters and am beyond grateful for the opportunity of being their mother; having what supposedly defined my womanhood removed, saddened me.  Now that I am post-surgery and in the long recovery process, I realize that I’m the same woman I was just a week ago.  I am less a tumor and a few other parts that are no longer needed, anyways.

In the coming months, I’m releasing portions of that book I just told you about, right here as blog posts.  When I started this online journal, I knew it would be more than my love of photographs.  What has surprised me is the journey the Lord has taken me on to this point.  As I recover from surgery, there is no time like the present to finally finish what I started a good 5 months ago.

Please join me as I introduce my experience of discovering Authentic Grace and creativity through the trials of life.  Be sure to sign up above to get the posts right away.  This will take some time, but they are coming soon.  May #hisbeautifulblessings fill your heart daily!