Homemade Chicken Soup Hack – Gluten Free & Paleo

Hubby has a lovely upper respiratory bug as well as a pretty nasty cough and fever, he’s on day four.  Time for soup.

Due to my many food allergies, including ingredients in broths and stock, I must make my own.  This is fine, as I’d rather give myself and the family the most natural options available.

I’ve discovered a few soup tricks over the past year or so since soup has become one of my favorite foods.

First off – Chicken Stock

For a mostly meatless broth, I will boil a chicken carcass from a roasted chicken and strain out any bits and pieces I don’t want in the broth, such as skin and bones.  Once cooled overnight in the fridge, I will scrape off the fat and then divide and freeze by two cup portion sizes in quart size freezer bags.  I then place 4 bags or so inside a gallon freezer bag.  This is an extra protection against seam leaks in the freezer.

For an immediate broth, I will boil a four pack of chicken thighs with some fresh garlic and pull the skin off.  Then I cut the meat off as they cook and eventually remove the bones.

Once the meat is cooked, I add in the rest of the soup ingredients:
-Fresh Onion
-Fresh Carrots
– Salt & Pepper
-Celery Salt

Cook for about 10 minutes.  I do not like my veggies too squishy.

Because we have various food issues/allergies in our home, noodles are cooked separately and added to the bowls individually. Here is the hack, that I LOVE.  Notice there is no celery in the soup, hubby hates celery.  I love noodles but really can’t have any kind of grain noodle.  Last fall, I came up with this idea and now chicken soup is one of my favorites, once again.

When I sold Pampered Chef many years ago I received the Julienne Peeler as a bonus.   It makes the CELERY NOODLES for your chicken soup!!  Slice the celery and add it just before serving.  If you want the noodles cooked a little more, by all means, add them with the carrots and onions.  I like the noodles with a little crunch.

Before serving, I add salt and pepper to taste as well as a dash of red pepper flakes.  Yum!