Hobby Lobby Gift Card Giveaway #awakeningtobeautycontest

As I finish the prep work involved in publishing for the first time, I want to add a little extra fun to the mix.  I firmly believe that creativity and the love of our Creator are intertwined.  For this reason, I am hosting a $25.00 Hobby Lobby Gift Card Giveaway!  Enter from Thursday, November 3, 2016,through Monday, November 14, 2016.  I will post the winner at 6:00pm, CST.

Here’s how you enter:

1)  Let’s Connect!  |  True Email Friends Share Joy, Not Spam!

2)  Join the She Breathes Hope Facebook Group/Community.
In order to keep track of the entries, I need to use the Facebook Group.  The winner will be announced inside the group.  {If you’re already a member, please invite a friend to join us, but only if you think they would like the group.}

3)  Like the She Breathes Hope Facebook Page

Thanks for participating!  I look forward to getting to know you, ladies!

If you share this post, please use the hashtag #awakeningtobeautycontest.  Thanks!