Hi! I Know, It’s Been Awhile! Get Ready for All Sorts of Awesome Coming Your Way!

Hi!!  I know, it’s been a while and I’ve missed this cozy little spot on the world wide web!  I’m happy you’re still here!

Have you ever tried so hard for something to come together and it feels like you’re spinning your wheels?  Honestly, after spending over a year putting a book together and self-publishing it, I wanted, no – I needed a break.  I was completely burned out and needed some time to refocus and reconnect with where the Lord is guiding my journey.

I spent the summer following one of my other passions, photography.  It was grand, really.  I was blessed to help my daughter photograph a few weddings, one even at a lighthouse!  We also worked on a photography fundraiser for children with Type 1 Diabetes, which was also awesome.  As the summer progressed, I realized just how much I was unable to do because of chronic illness, chronic pain, and injuries.  I do not like to admit this, let’s face it, it is a hard reality to swallow.

When I wrote Awakening to Beauty in our Midst it was my heart’s desire to share what I’ve experienced through my own awakening.  I had always wanted to encourage others with how the Lord uses beauty, creativity, and art to draw us near.  At the end of summer, I took yet again, another tumble, this time down my stairs.  Needless to say, my back, my ribs, my shoulder, and my knee were injured.  I am looking at another surgery sometime after the first of the year.  UGH!

My heart was a little heavy and my soul craved more, so much more, as I spent a good couple of months recovering from a small misstep.  One thing that has never left my conscience is that original calling to encourage with His grace, beauty, and creative wonder.  So, my friends, I am back with what I believe is a God-given journey and one I can not wait to share with you.

In the coming weeks, keep your eyes open for new emails from me – I believe you’re really going to enjoy them.

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