From the Fluff of a Prickly Weed to Creativity with Purpose and Passion

I must comment on this image!  I love it!  Just a quick glance as I walked down my driveway, taken by its fluff.  If you don’t know by now, I have an adorable fluffy orange cat and I love fluffy socks – so of course, fluffy weeds are going to catch my eye.  Add in the sun setting through the pine trees from this angle and even a weed looks gorgeous and proud of having served its purpose.

I have so many things happening in the coming weeks with the blog and transitioning what has been a whisper in my heart for more than 20 years! What a journey the Lord has taken me on from then to now! Many, many, ups and downs but this one thing has always remained (besides His love and grace) – to create and to create through faith as a way of praising and of self-discovery. Once we begin this journey, it never ends!! 🙂 Just as we are a work in progress, so is our creative life. It’s taken me 20 years to feel as if I can share this next step in my journey. I know I really don’t have to share with all of you the reasons why…#life. But I will share this reminder – everything is in His time.

One of my biggest struggles I would say is setting aside fear. I don’t know why I fear – but I am pretty sure it is what the enemy has used to stall me, to keep me questioning my use of air when it comes to art/creativity. I know, it’s stupid and is why I am posting this here, calling us out. Of course, we all are different and have unique skills and talents, let alone intuition as to the Lord’s guiding.

So my friends, where do you struggle with your creativity/art? This is a live conversation over in the Facebook community!  Come on over and join us or comment below, right here.  If you join the community you can then take the poll and add more options if you’d like.   Also, keep the conversation going by sharing additional thoughts in the comments section, here or there.  For example, what would you like to learn to do, what are your passions when it comes to creativity?

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