Creativity 003: My Creative HeArt Journal

Creativity 003: My Creative HeArt Journal

Are you interested in starting an art journal?  That is awesome, and I’m so happy you’re here and ready to embark on this path of discovery. You’re probably wondering what exactly a Creative HeArt Journal is and why this concept is exciting and even important to our artistic endeavors.  Let me explain.

If you were to query Google or Pinterest for art journal you’d find plenty of ideas and inspiration.  That is an amazing benefit of the age in which we live.  However, these images can also be somewhat intimidating and maybe sometimes unattainable in our mind.

The goal is to guide you on an adventure of developing your creative heart.   A beautiful and life-long journey of discovery awaits you.  Imagine freedom from comparison and perfectionism while exploring the world around you, as God reveals beauty and inspiration, while you admire, play, create, and worship.

Why is it important to explore creativity in this way?  

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with everything that is available in the art world.  Really, from mediums to colors, to tools, to the kind of paper, to consciously or subconsciously trying to make your work look like those you follow and admire.  While inspiration is great and learning from our peers is vital, it’s also imperative to tap into who God created you to be.

A Creative HeArt Journal is where you collect anything that is inspiring and beautiful to you.  What stirs your soul? It’s so fun to make light-hearted pages as well as pages with deep, meaningful ideas, prayers, images, sketches, Bible verses, magazine cut-outs, internet clippings, Instagram photos, Pinterest posts, words (yours or others), as you create a keepsake of your noticing and discovery.

What A Creative HeArt Journal is and is not…

It’s a place of freedom to gather inspiration and experiment with color, mediums, and techniques.  However, techniques and skills are not the focus.  If we start out by focusing on these things, well, we could feel less than and not worthy of the air we breathe because we can’t draw a straight line.  Lol – you know it’s true – artists are so hard on themselves.  Sidebar here – Have you ever thought that this might be the way of the enemy to keep us from having an even more in-depth relationship with our Lord?  Honestly, if we feel inadequate and not worthy then we don’t seek out this kind of communion with our Creator.  Yes, communion.  I’m referring to definition number one.

Communion – noun

1.  the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

2.  the service of Christian worship at which bread and wine are consecrated and shared.
Use your Creative HeArt Journal as a way to…
  • Collect
  • Gather
  • Notice
  • Grow
  • Explore
  • Discover
  • Seek Inspiration
  • Seek Beauty
  • Encourage creative exploration and expression in the everyday moments.
  • Encourage your faith, to forge a path of self-discovery.
  • Enrich your relationship with the Lord.
  • Discover and express your feelings by aligning them with beauty and truth.
  • Devote thoughts, time, prayers, words, and actions towards hope and God’s love.

Types of Journals
Visit any big box arts and crafts store, and you’ll discover the many sizes, bindings, covers, and paper options available.  The choice will depend on your needs and what mediums you’re going to use.  A composition notebook from the Dollar store and some acrylic gesso will get you started fairly inexpensively.  I love loose pages that I then bind together in some fashion down the road.  This way I’m free to create in whatever way I feel for the moment.  Maybe it’s watercolor, oils, or mixed media.  If I just remember to keep the pages the same size, there are a number of binding and organizing options.

I know there is an entire world of opportunity for Bible Journaling, which I think is beyond amazing.  What a perfect way to spend time in God’s word through art and creativity.  What I am suggesting here is probably the next step for those who Bible journal to consider.  Through faith and creativity, we’re offering your creative spirit additional opportunities for discovery.  Combined with any previous experience, you have a head start.  Yay!  If you don’t, you’re still in the right spot!

Materials & Supplies 
The supplies needed will depend on where you want to start.  Some of the easiest starting points are with watercolors and pens.  However, if you’re like me and don’t feel as if you can draw, mixed media may be the place to start.  Trust me when I tell you, within each medium, there is an entire world of discovery, especially with unlimited funds.  The great thing is that the main art store chains offer all kinds of coupons and endless sales.  Plus, Michael’s and Jo-Ann Fabrics honor each other’s coupons.

Mediums to Consider  
Pastels, Watercolors, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Stamping, Photo Journal, Sketching, Colored Pencils, Copic Markers, Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Ink Markers, Zen Tangle, Charcoal Pencils, Watercolor Markers, Crayons, Watercolor Pencils, Sharpie Markers, Encaustic, Photography, etc.

As you can see, half of the fun is picking where to start!

Why is a Creative HeArt Journal important?
Well, it is a diary of where your creative spirit and faith intersect.  As believers, everything we do should draw us closer to Jesus.  Just as we are a work in progress, so is our art and journal. When we create and give of ourselves to the process, we are expressing our feelings and emotions, while slowly aligning them with beauty and truth.  In doing so, we enrich our relationship with the Lord, if not for just one reason…we give of ourselves in a way that would otherwise remain undiscovered.  Of course, God knows it’s there, and sometimes He reveals purpose through the process.  What that purpose may be is between you and Him.

We can assess our creative talents and discover where we may want to spend more of our time and develop our skills.   In my experience, the deeper meaning and joy added to my days through creativity helps to keep illness in its place. Click To Tweet

Remember you and your journal/art are always a work in progress in the arms of the Lord.  Here’s the best part, if you can’t draw that’s okay.  Use pictures, words, clippings, create collages, etc.  If you can’t write, know that a few expressive words from your soul are far more meaningful than a word count.  Your Creative HeArt journal is a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. you want them it be.  Have fun!!

Where to Start?
Begin by noticing.  What makes you pause in wonder and evokes awe within your soul?  If you’ve read any other part of this blog, you know I’m a firm believer in the renewing of our mind in truth and the beauty the Lord shares with each one of us.  So start by noticing what stirs your heart and mind in awe.

Next, you collect.  A few words of caution, one could become a permanent collector of ideas and inspiration with little action.  Collect, but be sure to take action.  Please know that I am not going to send you off on some random quest all by yourself.  I want you to succeed in developing your style and artistic passions.

What’s Next?  Let’s get you started!  

  1.  Click here for Month One of Prompts and Instructions for My Creative HeArt Journal.
  2.   Join the She Breathes Hope through Faith and Intuitive Art Facebook Group.  It’s a quaint little corner of the world-wide web where creativity, encouragement, friendship, and faith connect all of us.  It’s one of my favorite spots to hang out on the internet, really.
  3.   Have fun!  Enjoy the process, open your eyes and your heart to experiencing creativity in a brand new way.