The Butterfly Perspective

As I zoom in and focus on this beauty, everything else in my time continuum slows way down.  It’s the moments like these that last in the heart forever and it’s moments like these that I never want to forget.

Sweet Eleanor

On this day, we’re at a dear, dear friend’s garden.  It isn’t anything else than a labor of love to each other (the couple married for 62 years) and to their family and friends.  As my youngest and I headed out to gather some juicy tomatoes our breath was taken away.  Six to eight monarchs fluttered right above our heads as we approached.  They too know of the bounty and joys of this particular garden.

Butterfly Perspective 2

We spent almost an hour visiting with these flutter-byes.  Isn’t it just like our God to show us the more of a moment.  Being open to those simple moments of joy and awe, I’m thankful.  Had we headed straight to the tomato patch with blinders on and only the mission in sight I wouldn’t of been able to capture these snapshots.  This sweet friend is 81 years old and I simply cherish every moment we can spend together.  Thanks to photography I can forever preserve some of the memories in my mind and share the beauty and the awe of the simplest, yet sweetest of moments.

Butterfly Perspective (1 of 1)

I love the color hue of this photo, it’s almost magical and it allows the imagination to run wild.  The only editing was to add the copyright.  This photograph is another perfect reason why I love to capture moments with the click of the button.  For me, when I get home and start looking through the images it’s almost like Christmas morning. : )  Maybe that’s part of the joy of the seeking….striving to keep the childlike faith while capturing time as it flutters by…cherishing the moments, the memories, daily.