45 Ways to Invite Beauty & Creativity into your Life

      1.  Obtain an Art /Photo/Sketch Journal
        I know the thought can be intimidating, but it’s a simple collection of how God can and will use your creativity to draw you closer to Him, and possibly bless others.  Collect and document beauty, hope, and joy.
      2. Create an Inspiration Station/Board
        Google ‘vision board’ and you’ll get the idea.  However, for our purposes, we aren’t looking for a vision, but rather inspiration, hope, beauty, creativity, God’s Word, whatever we find beautiful.  Displaying items from within the journal mentioned above allows subtle progress towards purpose.  The word inspire comes from the Latin word inspirare, which means to breathe into, to excite, to instill.
      3. Notice Color
        Pick a color a day and then look for it as you go about your life.  With this simple exercise, you are planting the seeds of noticing beauty, everywhere.
      4. Collect Images that Stir your Soul
        Whether you have a favorite magazine, Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards, Flickr – go to the sources of your creative bliss and study.  Take it in, think about what you love and what you would like to create in your way.
      5. Go to the Water
        Visit area lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.  If you’re lucky enough to be near the ocean or Lake Superior, please take in the sights, the sounds, and the beauty for me too. 😉
      6. Play with Watercolors 
      7. Visit a Garden
        Most cities have beautiful public gardens.  I love experiencing beauty in this way.  Being surrounded by God’s creation and then seeing how others combine the elements to create such awesome settings, is very inspiring.
      8. Daydream 
      9. Have Courage to Try New Things
      10. Visit a Zoo
        Notice the animals, the plant life, the people, the children.  Yes, magical moments of beauty are present at your local zoo.  Whether it’s the animals or the joy in children’s faces, or mother’s loving their babies, inspiration is present.
      11. Create Backgrounds
        Play with color, lines, shapes, shading, abstract, texture just for the fun of it.  If you don’t have any idea of what you’re going to make, that is ok and actually very freeing.  Just play with whatever medium you like and with whatever size and shapes you have available.  Cardboard boxes, cards, canvas, paper, metal, wood, – the options are endless.
      12. Play Classical Music
      13. Learn about a Composer
        Read about his art, his faith, his life.  Beethoven story is one of inspiration and overcoming.
      14. Notice the Birds
        Watch them.  Pay attention to their comings and goings.  Listen to their calls and songs.  Notice the vast colors within their feathers.  Just amazing.  If you can, put up a bird feeder.
      15. Do Life Different
        Take a new path home, walk in a new place, shop at a new grocery store, get up early, stay up late, just be open to new experiences.
      16. Watch a Sunrise 
      17. Learn Photography
        Most of us have cameras on your phones or a quick point and shoot.  I recommend taking pictures as often as you can.  They are an excellent way to capture inspiration and spark creativity.  With a DSLR, this is a whole new world of learning and capturing. The possibilities for creative, artistic expression are endless.  That is the beauty of photography, it’s always changing, and there is always more to explore.  When my dad passed after a 5 year battle with cancer, he surprised me with a small life insurance check.  I used some of those funds to purchase this Nikon bundle and I’ve never looked back.  Thank you again, Dad.  My Nikon D7100 Bundle
      18. Watch a Sunset
      19. Visit a Flower Shop or Nursery
      20. Look for Shapes and Notice their Role in Design and Nature
        For example – the triangle sections within a round orange when it’s cut in half between the stem and the bottom of the fruit.
      21. Explore Black and White Photography
        Learn about Ansel Adams.  Take some of your own black and white photos.“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” – Ansel Adams“No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.” – Ansel Adams
      22. Doodle with Colored Pencils 
      23. Try Origami 
      24. Play with Lines
        Notice them in life, everywhere, literally.  Sketch or photograph lines in nature, the city, your home, your work.  Draw them just for fun in various sizes, thickness, length, and curves.
      25. Make Paper Flowers
      26. Discover and Play with Alcohol Ink
        Alcohol ink is about color, in my opinion.  How you get them to flow where you would like or to see what designs and combinations appear, is so cool.
      27. Choose a Psalm per Day and Create from the Beauty of God’s Word.  
      28. Take a Photo a Day for One Week
      29. Spend Time in Nature
        Relax and enjoy the sounds of the birds or the trees blowing in the wind.  Allow the warm sun to warm your bones, similar to a cat ( use sunscreen ;)). Observe all the activities you usually wouldn’t notice.
      30. Texture
        Examine the texture of things.  Take pictures and/or sketch the designs that appeal to you.  Learn macro photography which will expose you to a tiny, secret, world by magnification.
      31. Have Fun!
        This doesn’t have to be art related in any way, although art is quite fun.  However, giving yourself permission to have a little crazy fun now and then is perfectly healthy and good on so many levels.  There have been many times in my adult life I’ve had to make myself stop and have some fun.   I honestly couldn’t remember what it felt like to have a good time.  It was hard for me to let go and enjoy much of anything.  The life of turmoil, pain, strife, etc., almost robbed me of all joy.  Now, watching an episode of I Love Lucy gets me every time.
      32. Make a List of 5 Ways to Nurture your Creative Spirit
      33. Learn About Impressionist Era Artists
        Two of my favorites are Claude Monet and Pierre AugusteRenoir.  Study their work, life, and where they found their inspiration.
      34. Read a Book
        A different kind of book.  If you love fiction, read non-fiction or a biography and vise-versa.
      35. Magicals
        My creative life will never be the same.  I LOVE these glorious little containers.  Talk about vibrant color with endless possibilities, across various mediums, and a teeny, tiny bit goes a long way – now you understand the name. Add color and shimmer to your paint, gel, paste, use like a watercolor powder, just try them.  So much fun. There are multiple color sets which I’ve listed below.
        Drop Dead Diva Color Set – Sassie Saphire, Prima Donna Purple, Drop Dead Gorgeous Green, Hi Maintenance Magenta, Bling-Y Blonde
        Autumn Leaves Color Set
        Caribbean Cruise Color Set
        Mad Hatter Color Set
        Industrial Chic Color Set
      36. Listen to Hymns as you Create
      37. Visit a New Art Store
        I have my favorite, one-stop art store.  However, I’ve discovered that each of them offers a better discount on certain items and they each have their strengths in particular mediums.
      38. Make Homemade Cards
      39. Observe Insects
        After admiring butterflies and dragonflies, there has to be a painting or a sketch waiting to happen.
      40. Work with a New Medium
        Try something new, just for the fun of it.  Do not stress about perfection; simply enjoy the process.
      41. The Four Seasons
        Create the same scene in each season or create something from each season as inspiration.  Think about mood, color, and the feelings each season can evoke.
      42. Play with Clay
        On your own or with some friends at a local Paint It Pottery store.
      43. Go for a Walk
        Explore nature – inspiration is always there.  Fill your soul in awe of our Creator.
      44. Be Kind to your Creative Self
        Just have fun and enjoy.
      45. Be a Kid Again Through Art
        The Bible tells us to remain child-like in our faith, always looking towards the Father for guidance.
        Do the same with your creativity.  In whatever you do and no matter how insecure or silly you may feel, try new things.  Find what stirs your heart towards beauty and trust He has a plan.  The plan could be ways in which your hurting body discovers moments of peace or how you may bless others with your creativity.

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