21 Ideas of Self-Kindness for the Sucky Days | Life with Chronic Illness or Just Life

Let’s face it – when the going gets tough, we just need to make it through the day.  For some reason, my natural instinct is to push through.  Maybe because when you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness as a kid, it becomes second nature.  One thing I’ve discovered in the past few years is to show myself kindness when I’m having a miserable day.  I’ve compiled a list of simple suggestions to get you started.

“No one hates his own body but feeds and cares for it, just as Christ cares for the church. And we are members of his body.” Ephesians 5:29-30

  1. Play beautiful music.
  2. Have a cup of tea or coffee, some days, I have both.
  3. Essential oils really do work, trust me.
  4. Read your Bible.  Choose a verse or two to meditate upon for the day.
  5. Chocolate, enough said.
  6. Favorite PJ’s – all day.
  7. Read a good book.
  8. Watch a good movie.
  9. Make art – paint.
  10. Take pictures – Phototherapy is good for the soul.
  11. Craft – an easier art, depending on what you’re physically capable of for the day.
  12. Journal – prayer journal, art journal, photo journal, life journal…
  13.  Let the fresh air and the sunshine in, through a window, an open door, or sit outside and enjoy Creation.
  14. Watch the birds.
  15. Eat a salad or something healthy for your body.  Feed it as well as possible.
  16. Call your BFF, just to hear her voice.
  17. Sleep and rest well.  I know it is hard some nights, but find ways to allow your body to rest.
  18. A hot or a relaxing shower with your favorite soaps and shampoos is very kind.
  19. Pray for His will to be done for the day and accept the outcome.  You did the best you could.
  20. Relax – develop a routine to help you unwind.  One exercise that always helps me – breathe in counting to four and then exhale nice and slow counting to seven.
  21. Find a little humor and laughter. God indeed has a sense of humor.   (DVR I Love Lucy, you’re welcome:) ).
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    Now, make your own list of self-kindness and then hang it up in your home or have it as a quick memo on your phone.  Just make sure it’s in a place that will catch your attention and remind you.  I would LOVE to see your list.  Share in the She Breathes Hope Facebook Group and join the upcome Phototherapy Workshop for women with chronic illness.