#1000 Gifts – A Kiss! Why this one was so special!

1000 BT (c) AV

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share this story today.

Ann Voskamp has asked her readers to share their #1000 in a screen shot if #1000 was reached in 2013. 

In doing so, readers are entered in a contest to win a really nice camera. 

I’m actually in need of a new camera, mine is having some issues.
I’m inspired today to share these Beautiful Truths with you. 

Trigeminal Neuralgia… Google it if you would like.
I can save you time and simply tell you it is documented
as the most painful affliction known to man and to the medical community.
Honestly, this condition is something our family knows a little too much about.

After eight years of on and off symptoms and treatments, in 2007 my husband
under went brain surgery to get rid of the symptoms of this horrifically painful disease.
When he awoke from surgery he was healed, the pain from the condition was gone. Praise God!
The doctors told us that if he went five years without symptoms, he should be clear for life. 

This past September at 6 years and 4 months the pain came back, and with vengeance.  I won’t even get into the timing in which this chose to reappear, but it really was one of the biggest strengthening periods of our faith as a family.  To this day, I’m so thankful for the family and friends that surrounded us in prayer and in Truth.
As I sat and read the encouraging posts out loud, each one of us was uplifted.
It is one of the most heart-felt moments of my life.

BT 1000 Post (c)


Earlier in September I decided to stop writing in and numbering my ‘gifts’ for a bit.  As I mentioned, life at this point and time wasn’t really going according to any plan and I wanted that #1000 to be AMAZINGLY special.
( I know… I shake my head in disbelief too looking back).

Fast forward to September 10th, 2013 after about a week of the Trigeminal Neuralgia torturing my husband
and distressing our family, the medication began to work. Praise the Lord! 

BT Shores Collage

It was the hard Eucharisteo that I spoke out loud along these shores with tears and committing to unwavering Faith and Trust.

When you really have nothing left to think on but His Goodness, His Mercy, His Love, because everything else is just too much to process, to even care about, you’re simply left to Trust and live the life verse…

BT Romans 828

…and to completely surrender.

#1000 ~ A Kiss!
Due to the pain there was no kiss for a week and being down this road before,
I had no idea when I would be able to have one again.

That was my #1000!  For everything to be just as it was, sealed with a kiss.

The AMAZING # 1000 turned out to be for what’s most important, the life and the love He gives!
{We continue to pray for healing.  Currently, the medication is keeping the symptoms at bay, Praise the Lord!}