006: Tis the Season to Rest | Perfect, Peaceful, Thoughts.

Today’s devotion is quite simple, yet pretty meaningful in my opinion.

How often do you think about who Jesus is to you and in every aspect of life?
Yes, we pray, and maybe some of us think on this daily.
However, when the to-lists get out of control, well this is when our Jesus list needs to grow.

Did you know that in every book of the Bible, Jesus is represented in scripture?
Have you ever heard the song He Is by Aaron Jeoffrey?

It’s an oldy, from at least the mid-1990’s.  It starts out a little slow, but the entire song builds as they go through every book of the Bible saying who He is to His people.


My challenge to you for the next 25 day is to think about who Jesus is, every day.  Write 1-25 in your journal or grab a blank Christmas card and number it.  Be sure to date it and then each day write out a truth as to who Jesus is in your life!  Rest and peace come from the renewing of our minds.  Take hold of these beautiful thoughts and claim rest for your soul.