004: Tis the Season to Rest | Your Wish for Calm Is Already Granted

Guess what?!

That bit of serenity your yearning for is already there.  I know, that sounds crazy.  However, if we do not make time for ourselves then who will?  Today, I challenge you to pray in Jesus’ name for rest, just for you!

Set aside just 10 minutes with no distractions.
Put away the phone, computer, the tablet.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.
Rest your head for five minutes.
Pet your kitty or puppy.
Have a piece (or two) of chocolate.
Listen to Classical music.  (Turn off your social media notifications if using the internet.)


Now, was that easy or difficult to do?

So often we operate on auto-pilot which does not include time for our personal needs.  Believe it our not; Jesus wants us to have rest, it’s Biblical.  When we make the time, our soul refreshes, and we can accomplish more for His glory.  Plus, a rested soul tends to be one that seeks the Lord habitually.

What are some habits that help you find the most rest?  What are some new habits you’d like to establish?