003: Tis the Season to Rest | Gift Giving with Peace of Mind & Heart

With the majority of us purchasing gifts for our loved ones at Christmas, I have an idea.  🙂
While this may not be a new idea for some, it has offered me a refresh button on the idea of gift giving.

When you write your list of names and gift ideas, make a second list of just the names.

Take a few moments and think about each person,
where they are in life and how prayer and God’s truth may bless them.

Pray and find a scripture that applies to each person in an encouraging way.

Write the scripture address and/or the text next to the names on that second list.

It may take some extra time to do this activity, however, God’s word does not return void.  (Isaiah 55:11)  Also, you’ll be resting in His word just a little bit more, which is part of the reason for these devotions.



Now, when you do give the gift include a note stating that you’re praying this scripture for them in the coming year.
A more subtle way to do this would be to create your gift tags and put the scripture on them.


I hope these suggestions will bring a little peace to your holiday shopping and gift giving.  I love to give gifts and adding a special sentiment including God’s word, or prayer is the best thing we can give.
In what ways have you creatively shared God’s love with others during the Christmas season?