Day 6 – To Be This Cat – From a Kitty Barn to Ruling Our Hearts!

I’m going to have to make a commitment to myself – not every day of #project365 can be of Moose.  It’s going to be hard because he really is just that awesome.  I knew when I scooped him close to a year ago from a harsh winter outdoors (5th year of that kind of life), he was cool.  However, to see him flourish into this amazing house cat full of personality is just such an unexpected blessing.  On this sub-zero Wisconsin morning where the horse had icicles in her nostrils, here lays Moose just above the heater vent, which by the way was blowing woodstove heat. It’s the kind of heat that not only warms you, but it warms your bones.  I’m perfectly happy with him warming my heart.   

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