Hi!  If you like beautiful colors, artistic experiments, and just plain fun, well you’ve come to the right place.  It’s all about enjoying the creative process no matter your skill level or favorite medium.  While I focus mainly on mixed media, encaustic, and photography, that’s not to say there isn’t something inside just for you!

I believe artistic expression comes from three main areas.

1)  Intuitive, meaning no skill and very little thought goes into the piece ahead of time.  It’s mostly about self-expression in the moment, freedom, and experimentation.

2) Technique and skill, meaning the process is about developing and using them as you work.

3) Faith, meaning this process is more than what we can do, but who we are, who God created us to be.    When we align our creative process with grace and joy, we grow by leaning into those truths more and more, eventually flourishing into purpose.

So, let’s get you started!  Below are three free resources.  One is my very first issue of  Inspirare, a digital magazine about faith and the artistic process.  Next is my Christian Intuitive Artist’s Manifesto, which was really fun and quite enlightening to put together!  The third is My Creative HeArt Journal prompt guide (more info below).  Click on the image to download your copy.  Enjoy!




As a way to document this journey into purpose, I’ve developed a few key journal concepts that I believe are important.  First off, there is no right or wrong way to have a journal, honestly.  Every single one is unique to its purpose and the artist.  For me, I’ve discovered a few ways to organize my thoughts a bit better.

I am intimidated by a bound journal for anything artistic, maybe someday I will overcome.  😉  For now, I make individual pages that I will bind together at a later time.  It helps with selecting mediums, proper papers, drying time, and organizing projects.

Next, I find it helps me to think within these three categories when I begin a piece.

  1.  Creativity – just for fun, more intuitive, play, self-discovery.
    Be sure to download (shown above) on the My Creative HeArt Journal – Month One – Getting to know you a little better…  Get your free copy today!!  
  2. Technique & Skills – specifics to try, develop, and learn.
  3. Faith – a combination of creativity and skill, yet intuitive as God’s truths are the focus.

Here are a couple of posts that may encourage your process.  When you’re done reading, be sure to come back here because next up is photography!!  🙂 

45 Ways to Invite Beauty & Creativity Into Your Life

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